Wednesday, March 13, 2013

17March2013 Penang KSR Team Ride to Matang,Perak.

Hi all Penang KSR Team Member, Trip to Matang, Perak.

Location having lunch is Matang, it is a small town, (or rather, village) situated within the Larut, Matang dan Selama district in Perak, which covers Taiping as well. In that case, Matang is merely a stone’s throw away from Taiping town.

Jawi - Sungai Bakap = Breakfast Restaurant Soon Lee Hou
a) The standard, chives filling chai kueh.
b) Another popular filling is sengkuang/jicama.
c) Last one with new flavours pumpkin filling.
d) Yam/taro paste (Or Nee)
e) Fried cellophane noodle (Hokkien/Teochew - tanghoon, Cantonese - Dongfun)

Taiping Lake Garden = Photo Shooting
1)Enjoy the morning breeze around Taiping Lake Garden. Had our group shootings for several hours around there.

MATANG FAMOUS SEAFOOD PORRIDGE !!! = Lunch Light House Seafood Restaurant
1) Humoungous claypot of seafood porridge, with shark’s meat (yes, read that right), homemade fishballs, prawns, and enoki mushrooms. Here at Light House, you choose what goes into your pot of porridge. From types of fish such as tiger grouper, normal grouper, pomfret and shark’s meat, to fishballs, prawns, and shellfish. We opted for shark’s meat, fishballs and prawns, as the other species are pricier options.mooth, delightful grains of rice, boiled with the sweetness of the seafood-infused broth, complemented by the abundance of rich, succulent seafood. No soy sauce or pepper necessary, else you just ‘kill’ the flavours. One small reminder though, if you’re not a big eater, ask for smaller portion. They tend to go overboard in stuffing your guts.
2) Steamed Clams (La-la) If you do not wish for all the ingredients to ‘drown’ in the porridge, you can order side dishes. We ordered the steamed La-La. Pleasantly surprised by the LARGER than usual clams, with thick, succulent meat, steamed to perfection.
3) Or Chien aka Oyster Omelette The Or Chien did not fare too well, though the fried egg was crisp at sides, and the ‘wok hei’ shone through. However, too much flour was used, rendering the omelette stickier than your average, and the oysters barely noticable.
4) Deep-fried Fish (Cai Yu Zhai) 16 pieces Crispy, fried small fish that went really well with the wet, and sweet porridge. Provided much desired crispiness and texture. A good snack, nevertheless.

Events : Lunch At Matang (Light House Seafood Restaurant)
Date : 17/March/2013
Day : Sunday
1st Meet Location : Hin Motor Shop
8:30AM : Start Ride from Hin Motor (16KM)
2nd Meet Location : Juru Toll (AFTER PAY TOLL)
8:50AM : Start Ride from Juru Toll (24KM)
9:15AM : Turn Out Jawi Toll (BREAKFAST at Restaurant Soon Lee)
10:15AM : On Bike to Kamunting,Taiping (62KM)
11:20AM : Reach Taiping Lake Garden (PHOTO SHOOTING)
12:20PM : On Bike to Kampung Matang (11KM)
12:40PM : Lunch At Light House Seafood Restaurant
02:10PM : Start Ride to Petrol Station (Fuel Up For Full Tank)
02:30PM : Back To Penang (75KM)
03:40PM : Reach At Juru Toll (16KM)
04:00PM : Reach Hin Motor Shop

#Please Wear Penang KSR Team Green Shirt Got Member Number#
Thanks For Join Penang KSR Team Ride to Matang, Perak.