Friday, June 10, 2011

11June2011 Thailand - Sadao Border Bike Week 2011

Sadao Border Bike Week 2011

Location : Wonderland (KPK Hotel) Dannok Sadao Songkhla.
From border about 5min only.

...Invite family and friends. All foreigners must trigger work Sadao Border Bikeweek 2011 time 1.
On 11 June 2554 by Chiang Kham District Office (Dan outside) with two wheels easily guess Club rider.
With วัถุประ purpose is to publicize and promote tourism in the area of Thai-Malaysian border.
By bringing the income after deduction of expenses, loan equipment purchasing life-rescue. Grants to prevent and mitigate the danger to public health. Chiang Kham district offices that still lack

Enjoy the concert to-Loso , Booth sold the item is price.
Job location parking on doelaen pub (Hotel KPK) Dan outside Eastern Sadao district, Songkhla.

More you query one rider 089-738-9737, you can try, m 087-291-5527, reserve a booth selling merchandise 084-691-6917.

List of hotel accommodation.
Grand Palazzo ret 074-557319, 074 free library Corporation-557540-8,
Good foet 074-557440-1, 074-301861, haikhrat.
The saka speakers Les 074-434258, Queen's Park 074-557503,
The Marina-434031, 074 . good PC. 074-301585-8 .,
PC j. hao 074-557354, 074-557141, hao.
K.P.K, 074-557170-1, demonstrates Gran wio 074-557361-4,
Wen achia 074-301843, Oliver 074-301800-4,
PC-CP 081-5980093, TMT. 074-434150,
Siam thana 074-557555 See More

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